poison ivy and poison oak relief and protection
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  büji® Supports Outdoor Activity and Exploration

For bulk orders
of 12 or more products, or for questions, please contact us:
Toll-Free : 888-606-2854
Email : info@bujiproducts.com

learn how büji works to keep your skin safe from poison ivy breakouts.

büji is the only poison ivy protection system with SPF 24 designed to prevent skin reactions before they start.

büji® is donating supplies of büji Block® and büji Wash® to disadvantaged youth groups.  Nominate a group


For more information, email info@cadelabs.com or call 888.606.2854.



“It is my goal to get büji in as many hands as possible. Poison ivy exposure can be and usually is extremely painful and debilitating. The more people that know about your products, the safer we all are. Thank you very much.”

--Anne Keller, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


At büji, we believe that people who learn to have fun outdoors become people who care about their environment. 

As a company, our goal is to follow sustainable business practices that encourage outdoor exploration and stewardship of the Earth.

To that end, we support programming that encourages people to be active and enjoy outdoor exploration. 

  • SeeMommyRun: Neighborhood-based, family-friendly fitness groups help moms become active role models.
  • Geocaching:  This high-tech game of hide and seek gives people new motivation to get off the couch and onto the trails.
  • Girl Scouts: A büji-funded pilot program may help bring geocaching to camps nationwide.
  • Summer Camps: büji partners with Dr. Chris Thurber, clinical psychologist and renowned camp authority, to help families prepare for successful summer camp experiences.

Get Involved
Please join the cause.  Here are a few simple things you can do to get moving and help motivate others:

  • Start a SeeMommyRun club in your community.
  • Share your outdoor interests. Call a local youth group and volunteer to demonstrate your hobby or lead an outing.
  • Stray trash encourages littering.  Pick up along your walking trail.   
  • Find some buddies. Call your library reference desk and ask for help locating your local cycling, canoeing, hiking or whatever club!
  • Visit www.idealbite.com for ‘green’ living tips.
  • Nominate a youth group for free büji products.


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