poison ivy and poison oak relief and protection
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"I recently contracted a severe case of poison oak. I\'ve been highly allergic all my life. This was my first bad case in over 25 years. I was suffering for about 2 weeks, despite anti-biotics and steroids. Finally, after trying every home remedy and over the counter product we\'d heard of my wife brought home a tube of buji wash.
At that time I still had several areas effected and did a \"test\" on the two worst ones. After one wash, both areas quit itching and immediate I experienced reduced swelling.
After a few hours I took another shower scrubbing everywhere with buji wash. Within 12 hours my poison oak was well on the way to disappearing."
– Bob, CA

Say Goodbye to Poison Ivy and Oak


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be prepared for your next outdoor experience by keeping your medicine cabinet or backpack stocked with büji® poison ivy/oak products


büji Block is currently out of stock. büji Wash is available.   Please check back on product availability or send us an e-mail if you have questions or comments about büji. buji Wash
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